Shabbat Notes – Re’eh 5774

  Kiddush is sponsored by the Brenner family in honor of Misha on his making Aliyah this week. Mazel Tov to Sarah Hirsch and Pranav Maddali on their upcoming wedding.                      

Benjamin SchwartzShabbat Notes – Re’eh 5774
Welcome Aaron Flyer

CBAJ Welcomes Aaron Frager

Dear Friends, This past year we launched an exciting initiative to have professionally run youth programming in our synagogue. We were privileged to have Ely and Chana Shestack as our Youth Directors. Their Shabbat youth programs were loved by children of all ages. They introduced great NCSY programs such as Thursday night Mishmar, which was routinely attended by 20 to …

Benjamin SchwartzCBAJ Welcomes Aaron Frager
Yom Hashoah Updated 5774 Journal

Yom Hashoah Community Observance

The entire Albany Jewish Community came together to pay tribute and remember the six million Jewish brothers and sister who perished during the Holocaust.  The experiential and moving program featured the exhibition of “Scream the Truth at the World: Emanuel Ringelblum and the Hidden Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto” on loan from the Museum of Jewish Heritage – a Living …

Benjamin SchwartzYom Hashoah Community Observance
Purim Bounce Party Journal

Purim Bounce Party

What better way to experience the joy and fun of the Purim holiday than with a Purim Bounce Party?  With a packed house of members in costume for Megilah reading, there was plenty of bouncing for everyone with a giant inflatable obstacle course and a giant inflatable moon bounce jousting arena.  Hamantashen, ice cream, and fresh popcorn made sure everyone …

Benjamin SchwartzPurim Bounce Party
Sephardic Shabbat Journal

Sephardic Shabbat

Jews from all different backgrounds, heritages and countries were welcome as we celebrated Sephardic culture and diversity as Sephardic Shabbat.  The immersion begin at a community-wide dinner featuring a wide range of delicious and different Sephardic food.  The fun continued on Shabbat morning with special Sephardic services featuring new melodies, a rounded seat layout, and most importantly a special Sephardic …

Benjamin SchwartzSephardic Shabbat
Acapella Shabbat Journal

A Cappella Shabbat Featuring the Yeshiva University Y-Studs

The ruach and singing were through the roof at A Cappella Shabbat.  Featuring the Yeshiva University Y-Studs A Cappella group, the entire community was uplifted by the beautiful songs and harmonies of this dynamic group.  Following their performance at a Friday night dinner, the Y-Studs provided a special encore performance during Shabbat morning services highlighted by the teaching and learning …

Benjamin SchwartzA Cappella Shabbat Featuring the Yeshiva University Y-Studs
Chanukah Game Night Journal

Chanukah Game Night

While the game featured on Chanukah is usually dreidel, this Chanukah Game night took things to the next level with giant-sized board games of Scrabble, Jenga, Connect-Four, Snakes & Ladders, and Dominoes.  Super-sized playing cards and dreidels for everyone revved up the competition.  After lighting the Chanukah candles, everyone had a fun time enjoying delicious fresh pizza and salad, as …

Benjamin SchwartzChanukah Game Night
Movie Night Journal

Movie Night – Fill the Void

Get your popcorn!  Move Night at CBAJ was just like going to the actual movies with fresh popcorn, soda and candy bars.  The featured film, “Fill the Void,” a New York Times Critics’ Pick, told the story of a young Orthodox girl who much choose between her heart and her family duty.  Following the screening of the movie, there was …

Benjamin SchwartzMovie Night – Fill the Void
Sukkah Party 5774 Journal

Starlight Sukkah Party

While this year, the annual Sukkah Party at the home of Rabbi and Orit Lehrfield was missing the ‘Starlight’ (it was held during the day…), there was still plenty of delicious treats, snacks and great company.  With beautiful weather, the entire community got the full Sukkot experience by coming out to enjoy and relax while eating in the Sukkah.

Benjamin SchwartzStarlight Sukkah Party
Smores and Slichot Kumzits 2013 Journal

S’mores & Slichot Kumzits

Getting in the right mindset for the High Holidays of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur was easy with our annual Slichot Kumzits.  Featuring delicious s’mores and inspirational singing, the Kumzits  brought together our congregation and community in spiritual preparation while we set the mood for the Days of Awe.

Benjamin SchwartzS’mores & Slichot Kumzits